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Tasty Tea Tips

Updated: Apr 13, 2019


Is it you-or is it that you just don't like tea? Hold on-before you throw out the leaves, let's investigate some possible reasons that cup of tea could be not as tasty.

Water, water and water could be the culprit behind a bad cup of tea.

Water Quality

The type of water used to steep your tea can greatly affect the taste of the final product. Distilled water lends to a bland cup of tea. Tap water has too many chemicals and can make your water "hard" and have a metallic taste. In the case of water, filtered water is the best choice for that perfect cup of tea. In addition, always use freshly boiled water to avoid the absorption of flavors that water that has been boiled over and over again can bring.

Water Temperature

Another big deal when it comes to making or breaking a great cup of tea is the temperature of the water. Water that is too hot will result in a bitter and astringent tea. Any even mote importantly, water that is too hot may destroy the desirable compounds in tea, including-tannin. If the temperature of the water used to steep the tea in is too low, you may end up with a cup of tea that lacks taste and balance. Also, those desired compounds that we dissolved in water that was too hot, are not activated in water that is too cold and you miss out on health promoting benefits.

Water Quantity

When it comes to water quantity and the ration of water to tea, the ratio of water to tea can be very important. If you brew a tea with too many leaves and too little water, you may be left with a tea that is astringent and tart and bitter in taste. In contrast, a tea that has too much water to portion of teas will leave you will a tasteless cup of brew. Generally speaking to the ratio of tea to water is 1 tsp of tea to 1 cup of water.

These tips will help you steep the perfect cup of BE leaf Wellness Tea.

Take Time for Tea. Take Time for You. Take Time for Health.

BE leaf Wellness Teas. Feel Better Inside and Out

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